Our lack of conviction allows corruption to continue

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday November 5th, 2013

 I REFER to your sports editorial (Oct 25) exposing the sports minister’s decision to take along 36  persons to the United Kingdom for the Rugby League World Cup. 

It would be interesting to know who these people are and the need for them to go on the trip. 

Are they involved in rugby or any sport, and if so, in what capacity? 

Are they expected to learn something from the trip or is it just for their enjoyment? 

No one would have any complaint if they were paying their own way, but they are using public money and I can think of a million other better ways to use the money. 

And why was this trip not made public?

Minister Justin Tkatchenko has a sweet tongue that persuaded many people to vote for him, which is sad. 

He has a questionable history, which many people appear to have forgotten. 

I would welcome him to explain to the people why he took along this large entourage. 

Some recent decisions have raised more questions, including NCDC’s move to contract Tkatchenko’s company to beautify the city, apparently without a proper tender. 

It is no secret that Tkatchenko and the NCDC governor are buddies; if you see one, the other is likely to be around too. 

Obviously, their close relationship has led to a possible conflict of interest. 

Another controversial decision relates to the awarding of a multi-million contract to a Chinese construction company for the Pacific Games, even though its quote was many millions more than others. 

Hardly any explanation has been given and no one, including the treasurer and the prime minister, has seen it fit to question it. 

All these leaders can talk about transparency, but that is all they do­­ – talk and more talk. 

Most Papua New Guineans are too stupid and naïve to see beyond their nose and stomach. 

They are gullible and ruled by cultural laws that are no longer practical and applicable. 

The saying goes that we deserve the leaders we elect; how true of PNG. 

We say we love this country, but we say it without real conviction.

We say it blindly and we vote blindly. 


Not stupid

Port Moresby