Our law enforcers not above the law

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday, May 11, 2011

WE have far too many undisciplined officers in the two major disciplined forces – PNGDF and RPNGC.
Their personnel are be­having like they are above the law – constantly abusing the law, harassing innocent civilians and da­maging properties.
This has given the im­pression that these officers are no better than common hooligans.
We need law enforcers who are professionals and well-trained and who res­pect the Mama Law of PNG.
If the common people who break the law are arrested, will these trained soldiers be arrested too?
Those found guilty of causing massive damage to the Manu autoport must be jailed and stripped of their ranks.
It would be better if they are sacked from the force.
I am also fed up of seeing police officers continuously assaulting innocent civilians.
What are they teaching the recruits at the Bomana Police College?
Look at what happened to the De La Salle student and his friend at 5-Mile (The National, May 9).
These officers are supposed to enforce the law; they are not above the law.
PNG is a peaceful country and we want to see there is law and order.
We do not want to see personnel from the disciplined forces causing law and order problems.

Dissatisfied viewer
Port Moresby