Our leaders must make it their business to ban alcohol in PNG

Letters, Normal

The National

I totally agree with the editorial “Why alcohol ban fails to take off” (The National, Aug 31) about alcohol claiming innocent lives.
Alcohol is without doubt the fuel to almost all social problems in PNG.
What do we stand to lose from imposing a blanket ban on production, distribution and consumption of alcohol?
I would say not much but there is everything to gain.
Over the years, this evil had caused and is still causing so much pain and misery to many citizens of this country that money cannot compensate. 
Drink-driving leads to fatal road accidents; tribal conflicts stem from drunken brawls; innocent wives and children being
terrorised by drunk husbands and fathers; promiscuous behaviours; spending hard-earned income on alcohol at the expense of family’s well-being; wild sex-parties leading to all kinds of sexually transmitted diseases and the list goes on.
Mr Abal, alcohol is not an issue only in your electorate but throughout the country.
As such, I call on you and your colleagues in the Cabinet and fellow MPs to get rid of this evil once and for all.
Come on PNG, let us come together and call for the ban on alcohol in the country and see some changes for the better.


Amba Ukuba
Mendi, SHP