Our national security is very weak

Letters, Normal

I REFER to your editorial on Nov 6.
It raised some concerns like the issuing of fake citizenship certificates, smuggling of imitation products into the country, human smuggling, etc.
Would I be wrong if I were to add smuggling of high powered weapons?
If we were to carefully analyse the comment and make reference to other stories of the same nature that were published in the two dailies, we will conclude that all these issues are due to one major problem – weak national security.
Our borders (both land and sea) are not secured, which leaves us exposed and vulnerable to intrusion, threats and attacks.
Our ICT systems are not secured, which means our phones can be tapped, bank accounts can be hacked and office files can be manipulated by outside influence.
Our major ports and airports are not secured, which means we will continue to see the influx of imitation products and weapons being smuggled in, including human and drug trafficking.
Yet, the Government cannot see this very issue of prime importance.
The greed and depravity have blinded and blurred its vision to protect the very people, whom it has sworn to protect.


Simple Sebs
Via email