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The National, Friday February 21st, 2014

 HE is only 13 years old but smart and intelligent. Joshua Rere is the youngest student to enrol in the science foundation year programme at the University of Papua New Guinea this year.

Joshua caught many staff and students by surprise after lining up for registration and attending the students’ orientation dinner.

Some believe that making it to a tertiary institution, especially UPNG, in the highly contested science foundation year programme is a first in Papua New Guinea.

Joshua is from Eastern Highlands. He follows his elder sister, Stephanie Rere who is a first-year science student.

He attracted attention immediately because of his size and appearance.

Some thought he was just a boy following his sibling around during registration, as other children and their parents do on campus during orientation week.

But Joshua was again spotted at the orientation dinner by the team from the UPNG public relations and marketing unit.

Sporting a red T-shirt and following the queue to be served dinner, Joshua caught everyone’s attention because he looked too small and too young to be a university student.

Rere then answered the question on everyone’s mind that he was a first year science foundation student and, yes, he was just 13-years-old.

Male warden Luke Robini confirmed that Johua’s name was among the list of students eligible for accommodation on campus. He admitted that his age caused some confusion at the Student Services.

Joshua went to Goroka Secondary School together with his sister. Both were selected to UPNG.