Our personal hygiene is poor

Letters, Normal

The National

FROM the news reports and letters in The National with regard to the outbreaks of cholera, swine dysentery and influenza, the Government has been roundly criticised over the poor infrastructure, medicals supplies and equipment.
But one that stood out like a sore thumb is our poor lifestyle.
Our personal hygiene, in general, is very poor.
We answer nature’s call wherever it is convenient regardless to our own or other people’s hygiene and I am not just referring to those in the remote areas.
It is unbelievable to see pigs loitering freely in cities and towns, pigs living with humans in the same house, human faeces in public places, rivers and creeks and water from these rivers and creeks are used for drinking and cooking.
Therefore, it is not a surprise those affected have poor hygiene, no toilets and no proper control of waste.
Are we aware that one tiny piece of human faeces is rich in harmful bacteria and protozoa that can cause hundreds of people to fall sick?


Gene Drekeke Iyovo
Via email