Outage comes at wrong time for students

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FINAL preparations for the Grade 10 national examinations for Pangia High School students in the Southern Highlands province has being thrown into chaos.
This follows a severe power blackout that has also affected residents and businesses at this remote government station.
Last Sunday afternoon, students had to study for the examinations amid the blistering afternoon heat.
The students told The National that they would have used the night to study when it was
cooler and quiet but since the blackout last Monday, they were not able to do night studies.
Some students have opted to use torch and candle lights to study and revise notes before the examinations start nationwide next week.
School principal Paul Kopi Irepo said 278 Grade 10 students were affected by the blackout.
He said the school’s stand-by generator developed mechanical problems and broke down some years ago.
Mr Irepo said the school was forced to arrange for studies to be held in the to ensure that  students were studying.
The blackout is caused by a fallen  pylon at Kauwo village, 2km west of Pangia station.
PNG Power sources at Ialibu confirmed that the old pole had collapsed at about 5:30 last Monday evening, thus creating the blackout.
The source said they had also received complaints that two people were also injured and  referred the matter to the head office in Port Moresby.
They said the said the situation should be back to normal by next week.