Outage hits Telikom network users

National, Normal


ALL communication services in parts of the Highlands and Momase regions were severely affected as the Telikom network experienced a major outage.
In an outage notice to subscribers on Tuesday, Telikom confirmed that a major outage was being experienced on the Boroko-Lae radio bearing system.
The notice said that the outage occurred at 8:50am on Tuesday, affecting all telephone, data and mobile services on the font route.
“Telikom engineers are investigating and restoration work is in progress, Telikom PNG apologises for the inconvenience that may be caused due to this outage,” the statement read.
The problem affected a good number of business operations relying on the Telikom network, The National newspaper being one of them.
The newspaper was unable to transmit data to its Lae printing facility, resulting in Lae readers receiving the newspaper from Port Moresby only yesterday evening. Readers in Madang and Goroka were also similarly affected.
The outage also cut off bemobile services in parts of Momase and the Highlands region, leaving subscribers frustrated.
Bemobile users in Lae, Kainantu and Goroka could not communicate using their cell phones since the outage began.
A frustrated user in Goroka, Willie Palme, said he would quit from bemobile and switch to
Digicel as its network coverage was never interrupted.
“I tried whole day yesterday without success to connect telephone lines to my computer to access my emails, it was very frustrating,” Mr Palme said.
Another disgruntled user in Lae, when contacted, said Telikom PNG should have intervened immediately to rectify the problem.
The user, who declined to be named, described the services as unreliable, saying he did not accept Telikom’s apology.