Outbreak worsened by lack of govt services

Lae News, Normal

The National

THE flu and dysentery outbreak in the Menyamya district has been worsened by prolonged lack of Government services to the area.
“The district has been faced with a lot of constraints because Government services were not reaching the people,” Menyamya MP Benjamin Philip said.
He described his electorate as “one of the most difficult districts in the country” that had been in dire need of government service for a very long time.
“Its geographical location and the appalling road conditions made service delivery very difficult,” he said.
He said if roads were maintained, goods and services could be delivered efficiently “in times of emergencies like this ”.
Mr Phillip has delivered two troop carriers to the district’s health centre while about K400,000 has been committed for medicine.
The weather, he added, might also be another contributing factor, especially the prolonged rainy seasons, which sometimes lasted for months.
Personal hygiene has also been very poor because people were ill-advised on health matters.
And apart from those two diseases, the numbers of TB patients have also increased.
Mr Philip called on the Government  to seriously look into these issues and act to save lives by giving sufficient funding for those who have been affected.
He said people’s lives were just equally important as building infrastructures and other government services.
Mr Phillip appealed to his people to take ownership of their lives and look after their health.
He has given K20,000 from his district services improvement programme funds to help contain the outbreak situation in the electorate.
Mr Phillip has also appealed to Government, non-governmental organisations, businesses houses, individuals and others to assist .
The K1 million given by the National Government would not be enough because it would be divided amongst the provinces that the outbreak has reached.