Outfits ‘uncomfortable’

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The National, Friday July 5th, 2013

 A NUMBER of netball players have said they do not feel comfortable with the short dresses they wear on the court.

Their comments came in light of complaints from the public regarding the latest trend of netball wear which was “too short”

 Captain of the PNG Pepes Winnie Mavara told The National that even though netball was the biggest female sport played in the country, she reckons the uniforms should look presentable not only to the netball spectators but to the general public.

“I would not feel comfortable wearing a dress that exposes too much,” Mavara, who led the Pepes to finish second to Fiji in the Pacific Netball Series in Samoa last month, said.

Mavara also stressed that the media should take appropriate pictures during the matches.

“I feel sorry for the players. The media need to also realise that we become the victims,” Mavara said.

Kila Rawali, a member of the Port Moresby Netball Association premier team City Pharmacy Rebels said it would be appropriate if the association came up with a ruling for a standard length of the uniforms.

She said at least the uniforms should be of knee-length or above the knee.

“I’ve heard a lot of complaints in the past seasons and I think it’s time we do something about it,” Rawali said.

She said this was one of the issue that was pushing potential stars of the game away because they were embarrassed of wearing the outfit.

“We want to market the sport and these can easily push players away,” she said.

Former Pepes Alurigo Opina-Aisi said that the players didn’t like to wear the short dresses but they did not have any choice because that was the uniform and they had to go with what the club provides.