Outgoing battalion commander takes up new post

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A HANDOVER ceremony took place on Friday at Igam Barracks with Lt Col John Wani taking over from Lt Col Bruno Malau as the commanding officer of the military engineering battalion.
Outgoing commanding officer Malau, who took command in 2018, said the battalion had gone through a lot of changes and had been busy under his command over the last two years and 10 months.
He is to take up a new post at the PNG Defence Force headquarters in Port Moresby.
Malau said since taking command in 2018, he carried on the activities plan of the former commanding officer, especially on the Baiyer-Madang road project.
“When I took command, we re-deployed our troops from Baiyer to Lae for maintenance and re-deploy the machineries on Jan 1, 2019 to Aiom in Madang,” he said.
“That’s an achievement in itself out of three commands, the pilot track road projects from Aiom to Fokaifokai heading towards Simbai and currently we have troops in Aiom for the continuity of the road project.
“I’m happy to say that over the two years 10 months of my command, we have achieved so much in our activities plan and we also deployed troops to the Finschhafen-Lae Road project and the opening (on Friday) of the Okapa to Kerema Road project which the engineering battalion will also be embarking on and working on.


One thought on “Outgoing battalion commander takes up new post

  • Congratulations, Out going commander, you had done well in the last two years with limited resources and proved to the government and your hierarchies that you had delivered the government’s programs. You must know that you left a legacy behind. Further, the new incoming CO has wealth of experiences and will carry on where outgoing CO had left and deliver the Government’s priority economic projects such as Madang – Baiyer and few on the list.

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