Outgoing police chief calls for support


By Alphonse Porau
OUTGOING Central province police commander Superintendent Laimo Asi has urged station commanders to cooperate with his successor Sibron Papoto to maintain control in the province.
He told officers during the handover on Thursday last week at the central police headquarters in Port Moresby that he was happy to take up his new appointment as staff officer to ACP commander for NCD and Central.
“I ask all police station commanders and section heads for your cooperation with the new PPC,” Asi said. “I beg you to show him all the respect and commitment you have shown me.
“Police work is a noble job to maintain discipline at all times and to serve the people with respect for everything that has been given to you by the outgoing commander.
“There is no such thing as, this is yours or mine. We treat everyone as equal.
“Police station commanders must do your role like senior officers and not to treat a person as a close friend.
“You maintain command and control at all times.
“If you have a don’t-care attitude, please cut that down.
“We are working in the communities and I know some will disagree with me leaving as I have established a strong relation with them. But I need to move on.”
Asi said the crime rate was high in Central when he arrived but that has been cut back.
“I want you to maintain that order in the communities in Central,” he said
Papoto said he would continue where Asi left.

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