Outrage over stop to ARV supply

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A MEMBER of the Morobe Network of Positive Living (MNPL) is upset and frustrated by reports that Global Fund has withdrawn from supplying anti-retroviral (ARV) drugs to people living with HIV/AIDS in the country.
MNPL member Jane Ben said she was also disappointed that MNPL members were not mobilising to
publicly voice their concerns over the withdrawal.
“Others living with the disease are now working as a group to voice their concerns to the Government,” she said.
Morobe province has 695 confirmed HIV/AIDS cases, according to 2008 statistics, but fewer than 30 were MNPL members.
Ms Ben said MNPL had not been very active since its establishment in 2008 and urged members to make a stand for themselves and their right to life.
“If the network does not unite, who will fight for their right.
“The Government must quickly come up with a plan to address the issue,” she said.
Ms Ben said it was her right as a citizen to have access to ARV and the Government should do everything to ensure ARV was available to the public.
“HIV positive people are vulnerable to illnesses leading to death if they go a day without ARV.
“Those infected by HIV here have enough ARV for only two months,” she said.
It was reported that Global Fund withdrew from supplying ARV drugs due to unresolved issues with the Health Department.