Outreach programme ends

Faith, Normal

The National, Thursday June 20th, 2013

 THE Tertiary Student’s Christian Fellowship at the University of Technology in Lae last Friday completed a week-long outreach programme in Western Highlands.

More than 50 students took part. They visited secondary and high schools in Western Highlands and Jiwaka.

The outreach was based on the theme Students reaching out for students for Christ.

Group representative Gabriel Koim said they preached the Word of God to students so that they could change their lives.

“Nowadays young people are the ones causing a lot problem in society so it is better if they are taught to live a God-fearing life.

“No one can change them but the power of God alone. That is why we are conducting this outreach programme.”

He said they were targeting schools because they wanted students to become productive citizens.

Koim said only the power of the gospel could change the nation.

He said the Government was wasting a lot of money in dealing with law and order problems.

“Apart from that, HIV/AIDS is spreading where millions of kina are wasted,” he said.

“The Government can focus on it but with little impact and with God’s power it can work out.”

Koim said the programme began on June 11 and many accepted the Lord Jesus Christ in their lives.

Koim said Christians should reach out and save lost souls, especially with the expansion of technology.