Outside help not the solution


The Government is going around taking loans without sitting down and assessing the nation and our needs. The quest for money and economic satisfaction has killed the social lifestyle of people.
Foreigners are taking over our street markets, leaving our people to sellg betel nuts, marijuana and homebrew on the street.
People are no longer enjoying the green pastures as they once did during the days of our former leaders.
The Government needs to come down to the people and work with them because they were the ones facing the pinch and punch of the social-economic changes.
If we have a problem in Papua New Guinea then the solution should be here also and not in America or Europe.
Let us refocus our attention and try to fix our problems from within our country.
We have everything here and we do not need outside help because outside help comes with strings attached.

Linny Lemos
BTCD/3 @ Unitech,

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