Outstanding rentals forces office to close

National, Normal

Then National, Tuesday 11th September, 2012

THE Department of Justice and Attorney-General is being urged to pay up rentals for its highlands regional office in Mt Hagen, Western Highlands, so it can be reopened.
The department owes the Agilta Kona Building K2.8 million in office rentals for 15 months.
As a result the regional offices of the Ombudsman Commission, solicitor-general and the public curator have been closed since July.
Only the Ombudsman Commission has paid its rent.
Building landlord Glen Kundi has blamed the department for not paying the rentals.
“Is this what we call service when the rights of the simple have been denied?” he asked.
“I personally do not want such practice to deny the rights of the simple people from accessing better services.
“I have a loan to repay and need the money to run my business but it seems that government is making me suffer too.
“The government is making sweet talk but it seems there is no truth in it.
“I have been loyal and allowed these offices to operate but the government has not been sticking to its promises.
“I wonder when these office rentals are going to be paid,” he said.
Kundi said Prime Minister Peter O’Neill had directed for the building to be built when he was the public service minister.
He said there was an agreement in place to accommodate these offices but now O’Neill’s directives were not being followed.
Building property manager Duncan Waranduo apologised to the people, especially widows, for closing the offices.
Waranduo said the management had decided to close the offices so that rentals could be paid by those
who are responsible to do so.