Over 2,800 new cases reported in past 3 weeks


THE National Control Centre (NCC) says there was a significant increase in Coronavirus (Covid-19) infections last month and this month compared with the previous two months.
The centre said 2,868 new cases were diagnosed in the past 21 days, with the deaths reported at 325 or a 12.1 per cent mortality rate.
National Pandemic Controller David Manning said the trend needed to be interpreted with caution as there were delays and non-reporting by provinces back to NCC.
“The national positivity results stands at 12 per cent with an average monthly positivity at 6 per cent,” he said.
Manning said infections had spiked from last month which was reported between 20 and 25 per cent.
“In October, the test positivity is 45 per cent with about 4,000 people testing positive and that is a very significant jump,” he said
Deputy Controller Dr Daoni Esrom said the new cases and deaths were only received after they had received the case investigation forms and death certificates which often come late from the provincial health authorities.
“In this case, the three deaths had occurred seven to 14 days ago,” he said. “Although these cases were reported internally, the information could not be released until the CIFs and death certificates had been received as proof.
“Any deaths that have occurred outside of health facilities and have been reported verbally are not being included in the national database.”
Manning said the number of unreported deaths was a worry as the NCC did not know the extent of the impact of the virus.
While there are surges occurring in many parts of the country, most provinces are far from reaching the testing and vaccination targets set for this year with an exception of NCD which now has vaccinated 63,103 people, which is 48 per cent of its target population of 92,312.