Over 800 teachers take part in project to support students


MORE than 800 teachers in West New Britain have taken part in a professional development programme to support their students to improve their reading and writing.
Kapore Elementary School in Talasea is one of the 353 schools in the province that participated in the Pikinini Kisim Save (PKS) project.
The project was supported by the Papua New Guinea-Australia partnership and delivered by International and the Adventist Development and Relief Agency.
Kapore Elementary School head teacher Philomina was one among those that was trained and she said that there have been changes in students learning since the training was delivered.
“Our preparatory classes can read and identify words through sounding,” she said.
“Teachers use different teaching strategies to teach their students reading and writing, and students are now more confident to sound out and blend words to form sentences.
“Such a result in students learning is the outcome of teachers using their scripted lessons and applying literacy teaching strategies.”
The PKS project strengthens teacher skills and encourages community leader education stakeholders and service providers to promote quality elementary education.
The professional development includes teaching and learning resources for schools and leadership training and adult literacy programs.
The training was beneficial to the teachers as it improved their ways of setting their classroom for teaching and learning and using the Standard-Based Curriculum lessons and programs.
More than 5,200 teachers have received training through the PKS project, benefiting more than 82,000 children in targeted provinces since 2019.