Over in a Flash – White Shark bites dust in 55 seconds

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The National, Monday 25th March 2013


MUAY Thai champion Lee Henry “The Flash” Garap left side kick flattened Alfred “The White Shark” Samuel within 55 seconds to snatch the PNG title.

The fight last Thursday night was witnessed by a capacity crowd at the Sports Inn, in Port Moresby.

Samuel said he retired to avoid serious injury as he has a fight in Brisbane, Australia, this week.

The PNG title will be presented to Garap as soon as it arrives from Thailand, where Muay Thai originated.

“The Flash” struck like lightning to the gut of the “The White Shark” who quit on the count from referee Jamuga Stone.

The Flash was the crowd favourite and confident of a win and made his intentions known with a video clip of his workouts leading to this challenge.

It was an amazing display and proved he meant business and was in good shape.

Garap said he had prepared for the challenge against Samuel knowing it was going be tough.

“But with right combination I delivered the power shot to his stomach that hurt him so much and he retired,” he said.
The Flash’s team manager, Glenn Armstrong has played a vital part in the preparations but the onus was on Garap to win.
Garap is now likely to fight in Australia and Thailand, as Thai kickboxing is not popular in PNG.