Overcrowded Port Moresby


NCDC has failed to address matters concerning the residential areas in NCD.
Many residences are filthy with rubbish. Many are used as mechanical workshops, others are overpopulated with people living in settlement-like structures built at will.
Plastic rubbish, car parts, tin cans and even human waste are a norm within and around these premises. This is a disgrace.
Premises are used as workshops and the oil and petrol smell are major health hazards in the neighbourhood.
Structures are built within residential compounds without NCDC approval and up to 30 to 40 people can be living on those properties.
In many places, there are 70 people living together on a property.
The health concerns within these properties and the neighbourhood is a ticking time bomb.
Alcohol consumption, loud music, singing and foul language carry on into the wee hours of the morning and are a norm in NCD. What a disgrace.
Is this the type of city that Governor Powes Parkop wants? To many residents it appears so because he and NCDC are doing nothing about it.
Some years back Parkop appeared on TV, radio and the print media saying he was sorting out a department to address these issues. He said he was fixing up logistical matters.
To date nothing has transpired.
Where are NCDC health and property inspectors? What’s so hard that NCDC officers and the police can’t get together and fix up these residences?
What’s so hard about that?
Parkop doesn’t need to go to China or Brisbane to find the answers. He doesn’t need residents to lodge complaints to take action.
Just get his officers out of the office and visit these properties and enforce the laws. Stop forever issuing letters to these property owners year after year. Arrest and charge them. That’s how you will get results.
The lack of respect and bad attitude of people can also be attributed to the “filth” in the residences and the city.
The Governor, the city manager and NCDC are now operating from a brand new, state of the art building, but it appears that their services have gone backwards.

Frustrated NCD resident

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