Overstayer fined K2000, faces deportation after being caught in spot-check operation


By Alphonse Porau
A Bangladeshi man found guilty of staying in the country without a valid entry permit has been fined K2000 for breaching the conditions of his visa.
The court also recommended to the Ministry of Immigration to consider his deportation.
Sujan Kar, 30, from Mushiganj province in Bangladesh, was charged with one count of illegally staying in the country without a valid visa. He was found guilty on Nov 23. Magistrate Cosmas Bidar ordered Kar to return his passport to the court and pay the fine within three months.
He told the defendant that failure to pay the fine would result in three months’ imprisonment with hard labour.
The court heard that the defendant breached Section 16 of the Migration Act by living illegally in the country for 17 months.
Kar’s entry permit was issued under the sponsorship of Phoenix Incorporated Ltd and it expired on May 16 last year.
He has not lodged any application to extend his visa or revalidate his stay in the country.
The court heard that the defendant was operating a tucker shop at 8-Mile when he was apprehended by officers from PNG Immigration, police, Labour, Customs and other departments in a joint compliance spot-check operation in the National Capital District.