Overstepping responsibilities


POLICE throughout Papua New Guinea are overstepping their responsibilities.
They are acting as criminals on poor mothers who are only trying to meet their family needs daily.
Mothers everywhere are frustrated but are not able to fight back.
We fail to see any logical reason behind the government’s policy on betel nut ban and ask what association does this have on the Covid-19.
It’s like telling Westerners “wearing under pants is totally banned, if you are caught, you will be prosecuted”.
We have experiences of Police chasing us, rolling us on the ground, beating us, throwing out our market produce and running police vans over our market goods.
To add salt to the wound, they confiscate our betel nuts and instead of throwing them away, they give our betel nut bags to their wives to sell.
This is daylight robbery!

Gi Demaul

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