Oveyara and Parkop, the men to watch

Letters, Normal

I COMMEND the Member for Okapa Bonny Oveyara and NCD Governor Powes Parkop for bringing changes and progress.
Mr Oveyara recently made a commitment at the National Library to buy books for schools in his electorate from a local publisher.
He has done many things in his electorate but unlike other MPs, he is not interested to see how many lines journalists write about.
What is important for him is the people back home know what he is doing.
If journalists were to make their way to Okapa, they will be surprise to see the development he has brought.
Also at the same function, Environment and Conservation Minister Benny Allan, who is the Henganofi MP, made the same commitment and called on his fellow MPs to do likewise.
Mr Parkop is another person who strongly believes in developing human resource as he is a human rights activist.
He plans ahead and will leave a lot of legacy behind.
He has also put a lot of emphasis on educating the children and bought encyclopedias for schools in the NCD.
If only we have many more Oveyaras, Parkops and likeminded leaders, illiteracy and poverty can be eradicated. We need more people like them.


Fegsley Risapi
Port Moresby