Owners call for land hearing

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The National, Thursday February 13th, 2014

 A CLAN claiming to be the customary landowners of Fatima in Banz, Jiwaka want the Land Title Commissioner to intervene and conduct a hearing to identify and declare the real owners of the land.

Community leader, Aloise Kints Omba said the Kulaka tribes comprising five local level government wards were the true customary owners of huge land mass stretching from Kilip Sand Band Creek to Warakar and up to Siwi Mountain and down to Waghi River.

Omba said that claimant, Adapang Kararim, was not the genuine or original customary landowner of Fatima land.

Another clan leader Robert Kumie said: “we clan follow the right procedures with respect of the huge and vital institutions developed or established over the long period of time.”

Kumie claimed that not the real owner had blocked the entrance to Fatima school and institution to force closure.

“We asked the police to act responsibly and at the same time we want the Land Title Commission to intervene and conduct a hearing to identify who is the real traditional landowner of Fatima Portion 57 M/L Minj F/M Ramu,” he said