Owners: Namah does not own chopper

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The National, Wednesday 29th August, 2012

THE owners of the helicopter that carried opposition leader Belden Namah to Goilala in the Central province at the weekend have denied a newspaper report that he owns it.
The National yesterday carried a report by a freelance journalist travelling with Namah that he was taken to Goilala in “his PNG Party helicopter and was greeted by the party strongman and new Goilala MP Daniel Mona on his arrival”.
Heli Solutions part owners captain Phil Emeck and captain James Pima, however, said yesterday that they were disappointed at the report as they owned the helicopter and it was on hire to Namah.
They were especially disappointed given that only last month, Pima was assaulted at Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s Peoples’ National Congress camp in Alotau while the government was being formed, while he was carrying three Telikom technicians.
“As far as we are concerned, Belden Namah does not own our helicopter,” Emeck said.
“He only owns a Kingair 200.”