Owners withdraw threats to capital

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday March 12th, 2014

 THREATS made by Rouna landowners to shut down power and water supply to Port Moresby were withdrawn yesterday.

Chairman of Rouna Land Incorporated Group (RILG) Bebea Toina  said that the landowners were sorry for the threats made last week.

The landowners apologised to the government and  residents of Port Moresby.

He said this in front of his secretary Arua Soge and Peter Inara, the chairman of the Koiari special purposes authority, and a Director on the Eda Ranu board representing the Koiari landowners.

Inana said that it was important that he took the lead to assist both the Koiari landowners and the government for an amicable discussion.

“I would like to thank the chairman Bebea Toina for withdrawing the threats and agreeing to work closely with the government,” Inara said.

“I wish to thank the government for taking up the plight of the Koiari people in which the government has made its commitment to assist my people as per the NEC decision,” he said.

“In that decision, it clearly stipulates that the government will assist Koiari landowners within the water catchment areas, that includes the Rouna landowners.

Inara said the K50 million allocated for the Koiari landowners last year was an issue that needed to be fully addressed by the government.

“I understand the frustrations of the landowners. The prolonged delay in the disbursement of the funds has created frustrations that promoted the earlier threats of water and power shutdown,” he said.

“I will take lead assist my people and the government to come to a round-table discussion,” he said.