PAC clears former OCCES boss Yasause

National, Normal


THE parliamentary Public Accounts Committee (PPAC) has cleared Dr Theo Yasause from allegations into misappropriation of funds and the controversial establishment of the Office of Climate Change and Environment Sustainability (OCCES).
PAC chairman Timothy Bonga, in a letter to those concerned with the office, stated that during the inquiry conducted into the office last year, no findings or conclusions of adverse others and of any impropriety was found.
The letter, dated Feb 17, confirmed that all process and procedures set out under the Public Finance Management Act were followed.
According to Dr Yasause, the finding now clears him and the management, including staff of OCCES.
An inquiry into the OCCES was launched last year by the PAC after allegations of misappropriation and misuse of funds by Dr Yasause and the management of the office surfaced.
OCCES was established on May 2008 and came into operations in September that year.
“In June 2009, allegations of misappropriation or misuse of funds as well as billions of kina from outside were raised, though we knew nothing about it,” Dr Yasause said.
He said the allegations had tarnished his good name and standing in PNG and abroad.
“We get all the funding from the Government which are sourced following Government procedures,” Dr Yasause said.
“We are confused about the millions of kina from outside as we did not receive any.”
A report prepared by Finance Department for the PAC headed by acting secretary for Department of Personnel Management found that all set procedures under the Public Finance Management Act were followed and were in order.
“Accordingly, there are no findings or conclusions adverse or otherwise concerning the OCCES or its management or staff,” Mr Bonga said in the letter.