Pacific Medical Centre is not for a good cause

Letters, Normal

I refer to the report in The National recently about Minister for Planning Paul Tiensten saying “we can use some of donor funds to build the Pacific Medical Centre because it is for a good cause”.
The PMC is not a “good cause”.
If this facility is ever built, it will drain scarce operating and recurrent expenditure funds from the national and provincial hospitals systems causing them to become even worse.
Just about all the relevant professional groups in the country have spoken against the PMC.
The maternal health care specialists and child care specialists passed resolutions at their meeting in July asking the government “not to proceed with the PMC but rather allocate any spare health funds on the refurbishment of the national and provincial hospitals”.
The National Doctors Association is also against the PMC. 
At the AGM of the medical society in Wewak earlier this month, a resolution stating the same thing was passed.
In addition the health department’s own technical advisers do not support the PMC either.
In May, our donor partners (UN agencies and support countries like Australia, NZ, EU and US) told the health minister they would not support the PMC.
Tiensten is attempting to perpetuate the misinformation that the Clinton Foundation will support the funding of the PMC.
The regional director of the Clinton Foundation has made it clear that it will not provide any funds and told the ministers and ambassador Paki to stop propagating this mis-information.
The finance and treasury minister has said no funds had been diverted to the PMC and that the project was still a “concept paper and under discussion by cabinet”.
Does the right hand of government not know what the left hand is doing?


Prof Glen Mola
Port Moresby