Pacific, PNG strengthen ties with China

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday 15th May 2013

 A DELEGATION of MPs and political party officials has returned from a visit to China as guests of the Communist Party (CPC).

The visit, which included leaders from other Pacific Island countries over two weeks, was to promote understanding between China and the Pacific Islands, the  Communist Party and other political parties, and to strengthen relations and cooperation between the people of China  and Pacific Islanders. 

The PNG delegation was led by Maprik MP John Simon. 

It included MPs Mogarena Wei (Karamui), Johnson Tuke (Kainantu), Philip Udialu (Koroba Lake Kopiago), Mai Dop (Jimi), Deputy Registrar of Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates John Bishop, and party general secretaries Joyce Grant (National Alliance),  Moses Kar (People’s Progress), Willie Palme (People’s Party),   Peter Koim (United Resource), Morris Tovebae (Pangu).

The Pacific leaders in Beijing met Ma Hui, the director for North American, Oceania and Nordic Affairs of the CPC and Wang Jiarui, the vice-chairman of the national committee of the Chinese People’s Conference.

Hui said the aim of the visit was for the visitors to understand China and the CPC better, for China to understand the Pacific Island countries better and to enhance contacts and friendship among the Pacific representatives themselves.

Jiarui said China gave great importance to relations with Pacific countries and would work closely with them to enhance common development.

“We see ourselves as valid partners,” he said. 

“We are ready to provide help to achieve common development to raise status of world affairs.

“China will continue to work closely with you.”