Package unrealistic


S and pandemics are good ways of testing a nation’s governance. So far, PNG has been put in a panic mode by unreliable information and many more in the days to come.
My main concern is the Covid-19 relief payment from authorised superannuation funds (ASF).
This payment is unrealistic and rubbish.
It should be amended to all ASF members who are unemployed.
Get 20 per cent or 100 per cent of their balance in a one off payment and not 20 per cent of their own contribution, which popularly is a tax free component.
It will only benefit the professionals who have worked and contributed for decades.
Majority of which are well off.
Thought should be given to the casuals and low wage earners who can be easily stood down from work.
If one has a super balance of K6,000 what use is K500 to them? It is a waste of energy.
I also doubt those with a super of K100,000+ will be knocking on super funds doors for this relief.
It’s about time ASFs open their eyes because our economy is always down and worsening now and majority of workers/members are not paid well to contribute more.
Therefore 100 per cent should be paid to those who request for it during this state of emergency.

Lawrence Gideon,

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