Paddys offers the “wow” factor

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The National, Friday 21st September 2012

THE face of the Boroko area in the National Capital District is set for a glowing boost by September end, when the new Paddys Hotel & Apartments at the eastern end of the business centre fully opens its doors.
Opened in 2006 with bar, pokies and leisure facilities only, the new-look Paddys extensions and renovation work has seen a three storey purpose-built up-market hotel rise in the heart of “careless” surroundings.
“Paddys will offer the ‘wow’ factor for Boroko,” food and beverage and operations manager Sean Wong says.
“People will look at it from the outside and say otherwise, and then you walk in, and then step back and try to absorb it all.” 
And it is true, you only have to walk through the front gates to know why Paddys will give any other top class hotel, quality competition with the facilities available.
Two bar levels in The Shamrock Pub. Level one, a closed-in causal bar that will welcome patrons straight from the front gates and level two of the Shamrock Pub, a flight of stairs up that features a ‘one-of-a-kind’ dance floor that lights up from the floor to the beat of whatever music is being played. 
Level one connects to the Reef and Beef Restaurant also on ground level.
The Reef and Beef can also be accessed through the reception area and foyer.
The comfort knowing that one of the countrys most noted self-styled chefs, Wong in charge of operations, is greater guarantee for a good quality meal.
Level two is adjoined to a large conference room that opens out to the accommodation walkway, and back to a pokies lounge, and smokers balcony.
Forty five deluxe rooms complete with all amenities make up the accommodation component of the hotel, a service fully supported by a back up 550kva genset, as well as back-up water tank.
A laundry room is also available at ground level, at the edge of the customer carpark.
Paddys Hotel will be the first deluxe standard hotel in the Boroko area.
“Only better priced,” General Manager Peter Coppens affirms.
“Paddys stands to offer the same kind of quality and standard facilities and service offered at any of the large hotels in Papua New Guinea, in accommodation, restaurant, bar and recreation, but at a much better price.”
With the wealth of experience he has acquired over 20 years of management in the industry around the country and the Pacific, trust Coppens for what could potentially become a premier hot spot in time.
While the final touches are being laid before its grand opening, and the front bar remains open, reception has opened already for accommodation and Reef and Beef Restaurant wing. 
The new Paddys will ultimately change Boroko’s outlook from the inside out, with the greater potential of changing mindsets, besides drawing its target market.