Pagelio: Manage schools better

Lae News, Normal

The National- Thursday, February 10, 2011

 PARENTS and citizens and boards of management of schools have been urged to start managing schools better as many have been dysfunctional in the past years now.

Acting secretary for Education Dr Joseph Pagelio made this statement when welcoming back 45,000 teachers from around the country to their teaching posts. 

Pagelioa ccompanied Education Minister James Marape to the official launching of the 2011 

academic year on Monday  at Pindiu station in the Finschhafen district.

He said it was the role of the P&C and chairmen of boards of management of schools to ensure the community was unified to assist schools function well.

The Secretary stressed that for universal basic education to happen in PNG, parents must take the lead and organise themselves to ensure children had classrooms and teachers. 

Meanwhile, Morobe Governor Luther Wenge said education was priority for the province with a dream that one day every Morobean could be educated.

He said for children who wanted to make a difference in life, the key was through education.

The province has the Solulu scholarship scheme where every Morobean student attending technical and tertiary institutions were funded by the provincial administration with the scholarship this year amounting to K5 million.

The British government had assisted with K6 million to fund Grades 10 to 12.

Wenge said education was necessary whether or not students found jobs at the end of their schooling.  

Morobe provincial administrator Kemasang Tomala and education adviser Muriki Bihoro and local politicians were also at the launch.