Pagelio: More teachers needed

National, Normal

THERE is a need to produce more teachers to fill the gap in the teacher population in rural areas, acting Education secretary Dr Joseph Pagelio said.
He said despite seven existing teachers colleges in the country, the number of graduates still remained insufficient.  
 In light of the situation, Pagelio suggested for an increase in the number of intakes to be accepted into the colleges to boost the “collective output” to meet the demand of teachers.
“There is a need to produce 4,000 teachers,” he said, adding that existing teachers colleges were only producing 1,200 graduates.
Pagelio said in order to achieve the relevant numbers, it would involve partnering development partners and the education department to address the matter.       
Speaking as the keynote speaker during the official launch of Sacred Heart Teachers’ College at Bomana outside Port Moresby, he lauded efforts of college representatives and their decision for its formation.
He heaped praise for the college’s contribution which he added would help filling the gap in the numbers of teachers in rural areas.
Pagelio also commended the institution for its contributions towards educating the country by assisting the education department in meeting its five pillars.
The five pillars, he said, included access, quality, retention, equity and implementation of management in education in PNG.