Pain: Show us the K20m given by state

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The National,Thursday19 January 2012

SIDELINED Police Association acting president Moses Pain is calling on its executives to explain where K20 million given by the State is being held.
Pain said the money was for free life insurance cover and medical expenses for association members and had been given by the government after the signing of a memorandum of understanding in 2009 between the association and the State.
He said under the deal, the finance department was supposed to give K4 million per year (K179,000 fortnightly) to the Police Association Welfare Fund.
He said K12 million for 2009-2011 and a back-dated K8 million for 2007-2008 were supposed to be in the welfare fund account.
Pain queried why the financial position of the welfare fund and investments made (if any) had not been disclosed to its 4,000-plus members.
“We (Police Association) built it up from nothing but now the financial situation should be around K47million,” he said.
“The Industrial Registrar is said to urgently require explanations either through an AGM or a press release,” he said.
“I want the current board to have those issues investigated immediately,” he said.
He queried whether payments would be made to officers under the Social Security Benefit Fund (or the golden handshake), claiming deductions were already made from members’ pay.
“I advise the executives to fix their house before jumping into the political arena. I suggest they get into the real business to serve the members interest ahead of their own,” he said.   
Attempts made to get comments from president Lowa Tambua and general secretary Clemence Kanau on Monday and Tuesday proved unsuccessful.