Paita doing a great job


RAINBO Paita is no doubt one of the rookie MPs’ who is performing well in his allocated ministries.
His performance during his tenure as communications minister includes reduced rates of internet fees.
His outstanding performance has secured his elevation to being appointed finance minister.
In Finance, he helped speed up the financial payments by digitising and modernising government accounting systems.
His good work eased the backlog of work which normally mounts every year.
After modernising the finance payment system, MPs can access funds on time.
Government cheques and finances are now operating efficiently through the leadership and direction of Paita.
His recent appointment as National Planning and Monitoring Minister is timely.
He is a very organised person who plans things ahead and handles tasks proactively.
His sound mind in handling tasks effectively has proven that he is a utility MP who can fit in different portfolios.
We should allow such leaders to continue on and deliver in their full potential.

Maru Igabi

One thought on “Paita doing a great job

  • He’s a scientist. I knew him once. He studied science at the UPNG.
    You want to know one thing about scientists? – Well they solve problems.!

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