Pala must seal up road to Rigo

Letters, Normal

The National – Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I WOULD like to thank Rigo MP Ano Pala and his officers for implementing some projects in the district.
However, the MP must do something to arrest the deteriorating state of the Magi Highway, especially the section leading from Gabone village to Hula village.
As I constantly travel to my Hula village, I end up getting tired and my body ached from the bumpy three-hour ride, which used to take no more than 90 minutes.
There is no use using gravel to patch up the potholes as they will be washed away after each downpour.
I call on the MP to do a proper job by sealing up the potholes permanently with bitumen.
He must get established construction companies to do the job instead of local contractors who do not have the machineries and expertise.
Once there is a proper road, goods and services and be delivered to the people more efficiently and the grassroots can send their garden goods to Port Moresby to sell.
The people of Rigo need a proper road and we, taxpayers, want to see our money being put to good use.

Domi I
Port Moresby