Pala, please bring development to Rigo this time

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday August 08th, 2012

I WISH to congratulate Ano Pala for retaining his Rigo seat.
As a leader, he must be an enemy to none and a leader to all.
There must be fairness in the distribution of deve­lopment projects and im­provements of basic servi­ces in all parts of Rigo.
The people of Rigo inland have not seen any development.
The road linking Boregaina to Dorobisero needs attention as people have to travel to Port Moresby from Boregaina to sell their goods.
Health and education services are also poor.
Still, the people have elected him to lead for another five years.
Forget the past and move on with new deve­lopment plans.
If the systems within the district failed, replace them with new ones or people for better service delivery.

Dicky S. Gerega
Via email