Pala takes over at NA Southern region

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THE Southern region National Alliance party branch has a new leader in Rigo MP Ano Pala, who has pledged loyalty to Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare.
Pala was unanimously elected by the 11 MPs from the party as Southern region deputy leader.
The Rigo MP, who is also attorney-general and justice minister, expressed gratitude to former deputy prime minister Sir Puka Temu and Kikori MP Mark Mapakai for their leadership.
He said the Southern region NA members of parliament were split the last time with seven-to-eight MPs siding with the opposition.
“We were split the last time and my election, as deputy leader for the region, shows that we are united.
“We want to assure the people of PNG, our supporters in Southern region and the prime minister that whatever doubts that are in the minds of our people are now settled,” Pala said.
“We will be voting together with the government.
“We are a family putting together all MPs from the region.”
He said the NA Southern region would carry on from the excellent work that Sir Puka and Maipakai had left off and would be a force in PNG politics.
The MPs who gave their vote included Alotau MP Charles Abel, Goilala MP Mathew Poiya, South Fly MP Sali Subam, Moresby Northeast MP Andrew Mald, Ijivitari MP David Arore, Milne Bay Governor Luke Critin and Kerema MP Pitom Bombom.