Pala welcomes re-election challenge

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The National, Wednesday 5th September, 2012

RIGO MP Ano Pala has welcomed news that losing candidates have formed a group to challenge his re-election.
“I welcome all those who are challenging me to present their evidence before a court of law instead of going to the media. That is how our system works,” Pala said on Monday.
“I conducted a clean and fair campaign during the elections and never bribed anyone.
“The people of Rigo district made their choice and their decisions were very clear.
“So let me reassure the people of Rigo that I will vigorously defend their choice to elect me as their leader.”
Pala said some candidates spent all their time talking about corruption and transparency and when they lost the elections, they assumed there was corruption and could not accept the final result.
“My campaign was run in a way that clearly demonstrated what I stood for and the kind of a person I am, and that is what the people voted for.
“Some candidates did not present themselves well to the people during the campaign and the people were not prepared to take a risk with them and clearly rejected them,” Pala said.