Palmalmal High identified as ‘school of excellence’


THE school-of-excellence concept will be implemented at the Palmalmal High School in Pomio, East New Britain, according to provincial education committee chairman Cosmas Bauk.
It is one of two high schools in the district and has been identified as a school-of-excellence.
Bauk said K3.5 million worth of infrastructure projects under the Australian Incentive Fund would go to the school.
He was grateful for the contributions to drive education among the rural people, especially in remote districts such as Pomio.
Bauk said the provincial government’s objective was to support Pomio MP Elias Kapavore to connect the district to Kokopo.
“Just because this school is in a rural area does not mean it is producing second-grade or sub-standard students,” he said.
Bauk said there was a need to forge partnerships and provide accessibility for children.
He said the provincial government would support Kapavore so that Pomio was on an equal footing with the rest of East New Britain.

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