Pandemic no ones fault


ECONOMIES around the world –big or small – were shaken by the coronavirus pandemic.
Most of these economies are going into recession.
The world has recorded more than four million cases and caused nearly three hundred thousand deaths. The tally has been forever increasing since it broke out from China’s Wuhan city.
It is a mystery and people around the world are still speculating on how and why it came into existence.
PNG is no exception.
Although our tally was kept at its lowest compared to other countries, we were affected economically during the lockdown period.
Casual labourers lost their jobs. Families were affected because their source of income were cut off.
Some of the industries that were affected during the lockdown include; tourism and hospitality and transports (land, sea and air).
The Government has announced an economic stimulus package worth of K5.6bil to rescue businesses operating in Papua New Guinea.
This pandemic has put the world on a standstill.
It is an unexpected natural phenomenon.
We can’t shift the blame to anyone.
Only nature knows its intention well.

Chalk Dust Observer,
Timoh @ KPS,

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