Pandemic shows God is in charge


MAN’S knowledge has increased so fast over the last 50 years.
Man is now planning to go and settle in another planet, Mars after we have destroyed planet earth.
If you are a believer in the Bible, the mention of it should not surprise you.
You know the story of Tower of Babel in ancient Babylon in the Bible.
Man built that great tower to reach God.
Then God said enough, and he sent confusion among those people and they were not able to complete the tower.
History is repeating itself again.
Man still wants to get closer to God’s Kingdom.
Not only that, America is planning to mine in the moon after wiping out all the resources on planet earth.
And polluting the environment with more carbon dioxide, causing global warming, resulting in Climate Change.
Now mankind is faced with the challenges of climate change which is mostly caused by man’s greed.
The effects of climate change includes, heat waves, unpredictable weather patterns, sea level rise, acidification of the sea, coral bleaching, ice melting, prolonged droughts, high intensity of rainfalls, etc.
Now Covid-19.
This pandemic has killed thousands of people and crippled the economies as well.
Who shall be able to stand up to the wrath of nature?
Not even the most powerful and greatest nations on Earth such as America was able to protect its citizens from it.
In fact America and Russia have the greatest number of deaths.
America and Russia have nuclear weapons that can wipe out mankind in a few minutes and make planet earth uninhabitable.
They have the means and power to destroy other people and save their citizens from wars.
But we have just witnessed that their greatness and wealth will not save them from natural pestilence.
In the midst of the confusion, and panic brought about by the Covid-19, mankind has now realised that only God can save them and not their greatness or wealth.
So fellow citizens, something to think about.

Iki Peter,
Savannah Heights, Waigani


  • I believe in what you are saying, PNG is selected out of foolish to confound the wise, we should be proud of the Good Lord for his Fortress/Refuge in this time/season from Corona Virus. As we move forward, we will see something Great in this Nation, for the Same God that blessed America, the WORD is sitting idle in the Parliament to explode its Greatness, its a matter of time…………

  • Before the Government went into SOE and lockdowns. there was a week of Pray and Fasting….. Put God first. God bless PNG.

  • Keep seeking and believing in that Ultimate,Superior Power that cannot be matched even in any minute sense by humankind in ages to come

    Great is Yaweh!

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