Panel needs to recalculate pay

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday July 8th, 2013

 AS a soldier it is pleasing to know that the problems regarding many outstanding issues are to be dealt with without delay. 

As has been iterated by Justice Panuel Mogish, any defence matters will be of key priority.

One of the issues the defence panel must look into immediately is the commander’s directive number seven of 2011 regarding a 7.5 percent pay rise and the extra one hour which was to be added on to the pay   beginning of 2012.

Can the panel look into the calculation of the 7.5 percent for 2012 and 2013, which was underpaid, and the extra one hour which should have taken effect last year.

Can the panel also look into the funding of this exercise? 

If there are questions over the money, can they invite the public accounts committee to look into this matter.


Concerned Soldier

Port Moresby