Pangia ILGs disagree

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NOT all incorporated land groups (ILGs) for carbon trading in the East Pangia Forest Management Area support the agreement with international carbon trade broker and developer, Nupan PNG Trading Corporation Ltd.
It was reported that more than 375 ILG chairmen representing 48,000 locals fully supported the agreement, with Tiyebo and Associates executive chairman Timothy Tepi representing them.
But Kuyabu Leri group chairman Jim Dame Porenge said in Lae that he did not sign because particulars of the agreement did not detail the benefits of the people and many did not fully understand the agreement.
 He claimed: “During the signing in late December in Pangia, many of the locals who were not even chairmen signed the agreement in order to increase the number of signatories and be paid K500 as a sitting allowance.”
He said conflicts started among members of some clans and families after some of their members signed and got paid while others were not.
“There is also a conflict of interest in the position of Mr Tepi as the executive chairman of Tiyebo and Associates, as he is also a consultant for the developer.”
He said the other associations had a good relationship with the Forest Management Authority for 17 years.
Mr Tepi had said the minority could not stop the project and urged politicians not to intervene to disturb the proposed work.