Pangu backs Tambua

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PANGU Pati has endorsed Aiye Tambua as its candidate for the Goroka open seat by-election.
Prime Minister James Marape made the announcement during his visit to Eastern Highlands this week.
He said it was symbolic for his government’s stand for rural PNG.
Marape, who is the party leader, visited three rural villages of Ifiufa, Kotuni and Masiufa, in both Minamalo and Kafuku rural local level government areas.
“Instead of launching my campaign for Goroka by-elections in urban Goroka, I purposely chose rural Goroka to say that my government is pro-rural,” he said.
“Rural PNG is where 90 per cent of Papua New Guineans are, hence, Pangu is here to stand and fight for rights of all people of our country and most importantly the masses in the rural who are still left behind in the last 45 years.
“Pangu gave us political independence in 1975, our Pangu today, with like-minded leaders in our coalition government, wants to deliver full independence with economic liberation to our people.”
Marape said politics was not about dance, music, alcohol and food in towns but honest, frank conversation and commitment to the people where they are, so they too, can grow instead of the privileged urban 10 per cent of PNGs.


  • Most of the Service delivery in Goroka are paid by the Tax Payers.
    The new Infrastructure developments (New Terminal, Hospitals and etc) are funded by donor countries (It doesn’t matter who is the Government of the day, these Development Projects are still going to come into effect).
    It doesn’t matter, whoever is the government of the day will always take credit for it (For instance; that’s what the PNC did during the past couple of years).
    Don’t deceive the people, toktok stret.
    The free education policy is a failed policy. Too many drop outs, low reading and comprehension skills right from Primary right to the Tertiary Level.
    The level of Education is not like what it was before.
    There must be an overhaul of this failed policy.

  • I believe in the Policies of the Model Nation Party, I trust & believe in one that is behind the Party, Mary Pati, you have been chosen for such a time like this to enter into Goroka Open seat, you are the right candidate, the Good Lord will take you through your campaign trails, to give you the seat, to Model Goroka before we Model the nation for the Glory of God.The good Lord is the Lord of Condition, if we follow some His condition, surely the seat belong you, the women of God 4 MNP………

  • The endorsement of Aiye Tambua by Pangu Party is a huge boost for Aiye. The virtue of the endorsement, he is now in the mix. It will be a tight finish between Tambua, Henry Ame and Bire Kimisopa. In my independent opinion, the 4th place candidate in the elimination will determine who wins. The will be determined by the character of the individual candidate. Political strength and money they are all equal, thus will be a tight race. I think, Henry Ame might just snatch the win back basicall because he is more connected to the people culturally and socially than Kimisopa and Tambua.

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