Pangu lauds Ogio’s GG appointment

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The National- Monday, January 24, 2011

 THE general secretary of Pangu Pati Moses Taian extended the party’s congratulatory message to Governor-General -elect Michael Ogio.

Several other groups and individuals in the past week have passed on good wishes and applauded Ogio on being elected as the next Queen’s representative for the country.

Taian said Ogio had a wealth of experience, in both administration in the public service and politics, on top of his senior statesmanship.

He said Ogio had done exceptionally well in the past as deputy prime minister and acting governor-general.

“Pangu Pati believes in honesty, integrity, stability, transparency, power sharing and welfare of the parliament and PNG. “Pangu is confident Ogio will uphold these virtues when he begins the duties of this very important office of the vice-regal,” he said.

Taian said parliament had chosen well and demonstrated the spirit of power sharing by according the people of Bougainville the office of the vice-regal.

He added that parliament had proven to the people of New Guinea Islands region that powers were not concentrated in one particular ethnic grouping.

“This is a victory not only for the people of Bougainville but also for New Guinea Islands and the people of Papua New Guinean as a whole.” 

Taian said Pangu Pati would continue to work closely with Ogio to ensure the rule of law and the integrity of the office of the vice regal was upheld and maintained at the highest level at all times in accordance with the spirit of constitution. 

Meanwhile, it is understood that Ogio would possibly wait for another five months before being officially sworn in as the ninth Governor-General because the parliament was adjourned to May 10.

Normal procedure is that the governor-general-elect would have to be sworn into office on the floor of parliament by the chief justice before heading  to England to be commissioned by the  Queen.