Pangu numbers up to 28 after two defections from PNC


TWO MPs have left the People’s National Congress (PNC) party to join the ruling Pangu yesterday, bringing its number of MPs to 28.
The two members are Middle Fly MP Roy Biyama and Tambul-Nebilyer MP Win Daki.
Biyama is a four-term member and Daki is in his first term as MP.
The defections reduces the PNC parliament membership to 19 with the defection of Housing Minister Justin Tkatchenko to the Social Democratic Party led by NCD Governor Powes Parkop.
While welcoming the two MPs, Prime Minister James Marape said as the party leader he was more interested in the quality of leadership than quantity, so bringing the number of MPs to 28 was just enough for him to concentrate on maintaining the party into the next election.
“We are not looking for massive numbers but looking for quality to go into 2020 and beyond,” he said.
Marape said the MPs signed up with Pangu because of Government policies in investing heavily in the economy, quality education, agriculture and also to shift away from investing in Port Moresby and moving into the provinces.
He said his government focus, as shown by the 2020 Budget, was that every economic opportunity was being pushed out.
The telecommunication and energy sector is being pushed out into the districts and provinces, unlike in past six years in which all development and investments were Port Moresby-centred.
He said with the Pangu vision of taking back the country and making it the richest black Christian nation and leaving no child behind, he would announce his party polices at a gala night on Dec 21.
Marape said other MPs were in constant communication with the party and it could make an announcement soon but he would prefer a sizable and quality membership instead of huge membership.


  • Parliament is zoo with MP hoping from one political party to another like monkeys hoping from branch to branch looking for fruits from tree branches.

  • Zoo or no zoo these so-called peoples’ representatives should be ashamed of themselves party-hopping like this. They are like drift wood out in the open sea floating at the mercy of the tides. If the tide is flowing one way they zoom over to that end, and when the tide turns they turn with it. These people have no principles, no ethics, and no sense of direction.
    Are we boasting of a robust and dynamic democracy because of such people with such practices?

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