Pangu Party stands behind O’Neill, says leader Basil


THE PANGU Party stands behind Prime Minister Peter O’Neill in continuing the government’s good work to benefit the people, party leader and Bulolo MP Sam Basil says.
Basil and his deputy Goilala MP William Samb maintained their loyalty to O’Neill and the government coalition partners.
The 14 party MPs are declaring their loyalty to O’Neill as the Opposition talked about moving a vote of no-confidence motion when the 18-month grace period for the government expires on Feb 5.
Basil said the Government under the leadership of O’Neill had initiated important projects and programmes to bring changes and development.
He questioned the rationale behind the planned motion.
“We (Pangu) had campaigned strongly against O’Neill and his People’s National Congress Party and their coalition partners the National Alliance in the 2017 national election,” he said.
“But the voters, regardless of how we and other political parties campaigned, still voted and returned more MPs from PNC.”
He said Parliament then endorsed the names of the Speaker and the Prime Minister during its first sitting.
It was then that his part met to decide whether to remain in Opposition, or cross over to the Government.
“We decided to join the government and are committed to O’Neill and his loyal band of PNC MPs and coalition partners. I must make our stance clear that we stand behind O’Neill,” Basil said.