Pangu Pati drives voter-education awareness in Morobe

The National, Thursday July 21st, 2016

ONE of the country’s oldest political parties, the Pangu Pati, is on an awareness drive in Morobe to educate people to vote for good leaders in next year’s general election.
The party’s national coordinator Khay Takiseng and his team went to Tararan village in Ward 20 of the Wampar local level government in Huon Gulf district and explained to locals about the election process and the types of leaders needed if they wanted to see government services at their doorsteps.
This is the 10th visit the party has made in the province this year since receiving a green light from the Office of the Registrar of Political Parties and Candidates to conduct election awareness.
“This is not something illegal,” Takiseng said.
“We are not doing early campaigning but a general election awareness for people to know and vote the right leaders into office.”
Takiseng said the party visited rural areas in Finschhafen, Morobe Patrol Post, Markham, Huon Gulf and Bumayong in Nawaeb district.
He said: “Don’t vote for people who come to bribe you with money and cargo.
“These kpeople are not true leaders. They are only interested in getting your votes to enrich themselves but not to bring in services.”
Takiseng urged the people of Tararan to find out the background of leaders and not to blindly vote people with questionable background.
“Do not vote for people who are always playing pokies, womanising and consuming alcohol,” he said.
“Such leaders will forget you once they get into power.”
Enchen John, a village court magistrate for Wampar LLG, thanked Takiseng and his team for visiting them and carrying out the awareness.
He said it was a good initiative for equipping the voters given that next year’s elections were sooner than people realised.