Pangu Pati still leading, says Gelu


PAPUA and New Guinea Union Pati (Pangu) is still the leading and ruling party with 28 members followed by the People’s National Congress with 18, according to the Registry of Integrated Political Parties and Candidates.
Registrar of Political Parties and Candidates Dr Alphonse Gelu told The National that there were a total of 46 political parties out of which two were new.
United Labour Party, which was originally the National Conservative Party, has had a change of name while the Liberal Party was the latest to register but is yet to contest the general election in order to be recognised.


  • Too many cooks spoil the party. No wonder our governance system is too weak to prevent endemic corruption and misappropriation of assets. We got off on the wrong foot after a rushed political independence and have a disoriented view of what a strong democracy is. Our forefathers thought having 100 political parties was a sign of a vibrant democracy. How misguided they were. You only have to see the endemic corruption, abuses of processes and privileges, misappropriation of state owned assets including cash, and the list just goes on, to gauge how drastically wrong they were.

  • Can Dr Alphones Gelu and his team start implementing laws to penalise political parties that endorses candidates for elections yet defaulted in the agreement and don’t financially support the candidates?
    These parties normally go out to endorse hundreds of candidates yet after having those candidates sign on the party forms and filling the necessary electoral commission’s party endorsement forms they end up getting nothing only to suffer and eventually loose. Such parties and executives must be held accountable and the national and supreme courts should order them to compensate these candidates accordingly. This will prevent parties with not enough funding to only fund for those they have the capacity to fund thus preventing unnecessary parties from springing up during election period.

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